Thursday, April 29, 2021

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What is Dooring? Anywhere street parking is permitted, dooring is a concern for cyclists. Dooring occurs when a motorist suddenly and quickly opens the door in the path of the cyclist causing the cyclist to crash into the door. Even if the cyclist attempts to swerve to miss hitting the door, there may not be enough time to fully clear the door. Swerving also puts the cyclist at risk of being hit by traffic. Dooring a cyclist always results in injury to the cyclist and can even be fatal(1). An easy way to avoid dooring a cyclist is by practicing what is known as the Dutch Reach. To perform the Dutch Reach, the occupant of the vehicle (driver or passenger) uses the far hand to open the door. Using the far hand forces the occupant to look over their shoulder as they open the door and also prevents the door from being thrown open. As of 2019, the Dutch Reach is part of the Illinois Rules of the Road and taught to every new driver(2). If you do not currently use the Dutch Reach ( when exiting your vehicle, start today! The more you do it, the more it will become second nature and ultimately it may save someone’s life. (1) Greenfield, J. (2018, Sept. 06). 2 Cyclists Killed and Critically Injured in 2 Days Shows Need for More Dooring Awareness. StreetsBlogChicago. (2) HB5143, 100th General Assembly (IL 2018). #BikeBatavia, #BikeSafety, #ShareTheRoad

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