Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Batavia Bicycle Commission on Facebook

from Batavia Bicycle Commission Link to FB

Passing Cyclists on the Road As a motorist, there will be times when you encounter a cyclist travelling in the lane in front of you. Whether the cyclist is travelling in the right-hand side of the lane or closer to the center, passing the cyclist is permitted when safe and legal to do so. The motorist must not exceed the posted speed limit when passing and, according to Illinois law, must also pass at a minimum distance of 3 feet from the cyclist. If oncoming traffic or other obstacles prevent you from providing the 3 foot minimum distance, you must remain behind the cyclist at a safe distance. In a no passing zone, Illinois law does allow motorists to pass cyclists when the cyclists are travelling at less than half of the posted speed limit. Again, the motorists cannot exceed the posted speed limit when passing and still must provide the 3 foot minimum distance from the cyclist. #BikeBatavia, #BikeSafety, #ShareTheRoad

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