Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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Use Bike Reflectors, Reflective Tape, and Reflective Bands :: There are a variety of visibility aids available to cyclists to help increase their detection by motorists. Reflectors are the most basic of these aids and bicycles are required under CPSC guidelines to have a clear front reflector, red rear reflector, pedal reflectors, and wheel-mounted side reflectors. While the standard reflectors are a good start to making a cyclist visible, they should not be the only tool relied on for visibility. Reflective tape is an easy way to significantly increase your visibility on the road, especially at night. For maximum effectiveness and greatest visibility, reflective tape should be applied to the rear frame of the bike (1). In addition, reflective bands that can be attached to your lower leg/ankle can provide additional visibility. The benefit of these bands comes from their placement – in a location of consistent movement. The movement of a cyclist’s legs creates a distinct, recognizable motion that when illuminated at night allows for motorists to more quickly see the cyclist and react accordingly (2). 1. Costa, M., Bonetti, L., Bellelli, M., Lantieri, C., Vignali, V., & Simone, A. (2017). Reflective tape applied to bicycle frame and conspicuity enhancement at night. Human factors, 59(3), 485-500. 2. Wood, J. M., Tyrrell, R. A., Marszalek, R., Lacherez, P., Carberry, T., & Chu, B. S. (2012). Using reflective clothing to enhance the conspicuity of bicyclists at night. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 45, 726-730. #BikeBatavia, #BikeSafety, #ShareTheRoad

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