Monday, April 26, 2021

Batavia Bicycle Commission on Facebook

from Batavia Bicycle Commission Link to FB

Motorists and Cyclists Even if you don’t personally ride a bicycle, you should be familiar with the Illinois Bicycle Rules of the Road. By understanding the rights and requirements of cyclists on the road, motorists will know what to expect when they encounter a cyclist. In addition, the 2020 Illinois Rules of the Road provides important information for motorists as they navigate Illinois roadways in the presence of cyclists (pages 42-44). The most important take-a-way is that a cyclist is legally allowed to ride on the road and should be treated as any other vehicle you may encounter. In your daily driving, you encounter a variety of different vehicles: cars, trucks, vans, etc. A bicycle is just another type of vehicle that is used to move people from one place to another! #BikeBatavia, #BikeSafety, #ShareTheRoad

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